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If La Liga was permanently suspended then who will win?

If La Liga was permanently suspended then who will win

only the best players used to get the chance of wearing their kit. But the season is not going well for these two clubs. If La Liga was permanently suspended then who will win? Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two influential clubs in Spain as well as in Europe. Most of the players have the dream of playing for one of these two clubs in their professional careers.

The time of the Spanish champion Barcelona is not going as expected. Not on the ground or outside of the ground. But their arch-rival Real Madrid cannot use the opportunity but wants to present the league title to the Nou Camp! Yes, the most surprising fact has happened in the Spanish La Liga. It seems that the team of Zinedine Zidane desperate to give the La Liga title to Barca if we look at their performance in recent times. 

In last week, Zidane’s team Real Madrid won the El Clasico by a 2 – 0 goal. So, they overtook Barca and grabbed the top position. In the current week, the picture has been changed. In the last Saturday, Barcelona faced Real Sociedad in La Liga. By winning the match, they have reclaimed their top position from Real Madrid. So, Real Madrid needed to win the game against Real Betis. But in the ongoing season, Real Madrid has played their worst match against Betis. So, they faced a defeat by a 2 – 1 goal. Now, they are two points behind the current La Liga champion. 

So, it seems that Real Madrid’s El Clasico victory failed to bring any change to the league point table. To win the La Liga, they need to win the rest eleven league matches. At the same time, they have to pray and wait for the defeat of the Catalan club. After the 27th round in La Liga, Barcelona is holding the top position with 58 points. Real Madrid has been demoted to the 2nd position with 56 points so far.

Real Madrid tasted a defeat against a team that did not get any victory in their last seven matches. But at the home venue, Real Betis was completely different against the team of Madrid. The local team missed several chances. If not, the goal difference could be a lot bigger. In the 40th minute of the game, Betis went ahead and later, Real got a penalty. By scoring a goal through the penalty, Benzema led the team Real returned to the game. But in the 82nd minute, Benzema’s wrong pass led them behind once again.

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