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In case of Messi’s exit, Barcelona will bring Lautaro Martinez and Neymar

Barcelona will bring Lautaro Martinez and Neymar

It seems Lionel Messi is not well at the Camp Nou. Besides, Barca’s time is not passing well too. They lost the top position. Also lost in the Spanish Super Cup and ruled out from the Copa del Rey quarter-final. He tried to bring Neymar at the Nou Camp once again in the last summer transfer window but Barca could not fill up his expectation. He saw the coach Valverde who went past from the present. Now, his former teammate Eric Abidal questioned the loyalty of the players. Considering all the matters, in the upcoming July when the current season will be finished, there is a chance Messi might leave the Spanish club. The greatest player ever in the club might make his move from the club according to the rumor. So, what will Barca do then? According to the news, Barcelona will bring Lautaro Martinez and Neymar.

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players ever in the history of football. Some say he is the best. LM10 won the last Ballon d’Or and owned the record of winning the highest six of the trophies and leaving behind Cristiano Ronaldo. Barcelona did not think of losing the Argentine forward ever. But the situation is changing day by day. 

If Messi will leave the club, considering the current situation Barca will face the same fate as Real Madrid when Cristiano Ronaldo left the club. So, the Catalan club has decided on the alternatives. The two familiar faces are their favorite and they are on the radar right now. If the best player of the club decides to leave the club after the season, Barcelona will buy Neymar from PSG and Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan. The Italian news portal has leaked the information.

Barcelona brought the Brazilian star Neymar to make him the perfect successor of Messi. But Neymar broke their dream and moved to the French club in the year of 2017. At the beginning of the season, Neymar tried to return at the Nou Camp though. But Barcelona could not table the perfect proposal for the Brazilian star in front of PSG. So, Messi was not satisfied with the matter. Now, it is heard that the former Barca star Neymar will be brought at the Spanish side in the next season. But it seems that Lionel Messi will not get the chance to play alongside him.

And Lautaro Martinez is a perfect striker when Barca’s regular striker Suarez has come to the end of his career. So, if Messi says goodbye to the club, Barcelona will be needing both Neymar and Lautaro Martinez.

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