In Community Shield final Man City better than Liverpool again

By defeating Liverpool through the tie-breaker Man City won the FA Community Shield 2019 for the consecutive 2nd times. It was a challenging game no doubt. The Premier League champion vs the Champions League champion. So, In Community Shield final Man City better than Liverpool again.

At the Wembley Stadium, earlier today the FA Community Shield 2019 has taken place between Liverpool and Manchester City. The selected time of the game ended when the scoreline was a 1 – 1. So, later tie-breaker was taken and through the process, the team of Pep Guardiola won by a 5 – 4 goals.

Raheem Sterling led the team Manchester City ahead at the beginning but in the 2nd half, Liverpool gave Man City too much pressure and finally, through the goal of Joel Matip, the Reds returned to the game. And in the penalty shootout, the difference was made by the Man City goalkeeper Bravo.

Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero were benched at the beginning of the FA Community Shield 2019 and stumbled when their regular player Leroy Sane got injured and left the ground. As the replacement of the German forward, the Brazilian forward Jesus was grounded.

Just a few moments later, Man City took the lead of the game. In the 12th minute of the game, David Silva made a flick and Sterling took the certain shot. The Reds goalkeeper Alisson could not stop the ball though he touched it. In the 57th minute of the game, Liverpool missed the goal due to the luck.

The shot of Van Dijk was stopped by the crossbar. Just a minute later, the shot of the Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah was stopped by the post as well. In the 68th minutes of the game, the shot of Salah was stopped by the Man City goalkeeper once again.

In the 2nd half, Liverpool dominated the ground along with the attacking division. In the 77th minute of the game, they found the success at last. Van Dijk passed the ball in front of the goal from the left side and through the head, the Cameroon defender Matip found the net.

In the additional minutes of the game, Salah took another shot but Man City player cleared the ball successfully and so, the match went to the tie-breaker.

Man City players found the net all five times in the tie-breaker but the 2nd shot of the Reds which was taken by Wijnaldum stopped by Bravo. SO, Manchester City won the FA Community Shield 2019 trophy. Generally, the tournament used to take place between the last winner of the Premier League and the FA Cup winner.