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Juventus is reportedly considering selling Cristiano Ronaldo

Is Cristiano Ronaldo being left Juventus

The 35 years old Portuguese striker is playing for the Italian top club Juventus right now. And undoubtedly he has become the main man of the Old Lady already. But it seems that he might not keep his career-long on the Italian side. Is Cristiano Ronaldo being left Juventus? That is still a question but the football analysts are giving some hints. Or we can say more specifically that they are predicting something like that.

One of the two best footballers in recent times and also one of the greatest of all time in the history of football Cristiano Ronaldo is still a mystery to the young footballers. How is he keeping his body completely fit like the young footballers, that is still a mystery?

Because of the Corona destruction, Cristiano Ronaldo might leave Juventus. No, it is not certain but only in the rumoring stage. The Old Lady is suffering from the Coronavirus attack right now and facing so much financial trouble. So they might sell the Portuguese striker at the end.

Coronavirus is a global problem right now. Because of the Coronavirus, the nations throughout the world are facing an emergency like the battle. All the business, education and other things have been stopped. Like the others, the sporting events have been also postponed. In Italy, every day, more than a thousand peoples are getting infected by the Coronavirus. And, at the same time, hundreds of people are dying there on a regular basis. The condition in Spain is almost the same. 

The most earning football leagues in the world are currently stopped. So, in the current crisis, the clubs in Europe are failing to give the salary to their players perfectly. Barcelona is deducting their players 70 percent of salary. On the other side, Juventus players will not take their next four months‘ salary for the staff. In these circumstances, the Old Lady might not be able to keep Cristiano Ronaldo in exchange for 31 million Euro per year, the football analysts believe that.

In the year 2018, the Old Lady brought the Portuguese star from Real Madrid in exchange for 31 million Euro as the yearly salary. No, his performance is not bad in his new club. He is scoring goal one after another. In the last season, he scored 28 goals totally. But in the ongoing season, Cristiano is on fire. In Serie A, he has played 20 matches and scored 21 goals so far. The Old Lady thought to extend his agreement but in the crisis, they might lose the striker.

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