Messi is responsible for Coutinho’s failure – Rivaldo

Former Brazilian star who also played for Barcelona Rivaldo thought that Messi is responsible for Coutinho’s failure! at the Camp Nou! Can you just imagine? No, he did not think so wrong but it is quite true. let’s find out the actual fact.

Just a couple of days ago, Brazilian playmaker Coutinho has moved to the Bayern Munich from the Catalan club on loan. According to the agreement, he will stay at the German side for one year on loan and later based on his performance, Bayern has the chance of buying him permanently. The star has joined to the Spanish giants Barcelona from the Premier League club Liverpool with a big dream.

Also, Barcelona expected from him so big. He came to the Catalan club when Barca was finding a perfect alternative of Neymar and they had hoped from the Brazilian star. But, Coutinho could not fill up their requirement. So, he has lost his place at Camp Nou. But, behind his failure, not Coutinho himself but the Argentine star Lionel Messi is completely responsible, the former Brazilian star Rivaldo revealed that.

In his time at the Camp Nou, Coutinho played like a shadow and just finding himself and so, he was ruled out from the Barca boss’s plan. As a result, Barca has offloaded him and sent him to the German champion Bayern Munich. But, Brazilian star Rivaldo has not seen his fault behind his failure. The former Brazilian who won the World Cup thought that LM10 is the main responsible behind it.

Rivaldo has not any doubt about the capability of Coutinho. The former Barca star though that Coutinho could be successful at the Camp Nou. He revealed that he believes that Coutinho has the capability to play for the Catalan club. He just needed time to mix up with the squad. But, Barcelona does not ready to suffer and sent him to the Bayern.

But why, a player like Coutinho could not find his place at the Camp Nou? Rivaldo told that because of Messi, he could not earn his place. It is always tough to get a place and it would become more difficult when a player like Messi is in the team who used to take all the responsibility. So, all credits used to go to the Argentine no doubt.

There are only a few numbers of players in the World who can adapt to the situation. But, Coutinho could not adapt it. Lionel Messi is the main player in Barcelona and also the captain of the team. Still, he will play three or four more years. In the meantime, rest players would face the same problems as Coutinho.