Ivan Perisic seen in Munich for underwent medical tests

Apparently there is no formal confirmation, but informally there is no chance for a mistake. Ivan Perisic seen in Munich for underwent medical tests and the transfer to Bayern is already a step away.

We know perfectly the history of the transfer saga with Leroy Sane in the lead role which due to a ligament injury did not finally find its happy end.

Bayern Munich were alone at the table with empty hands, so they had to start collecting players to at least minimize buying hunger. Over the weekend, the media were consistent with reports regarding the transfer of Perisic and they must be admitted that they did it very aptly.

Bild” caught a Croatian winger in Munich and even managed to do a mini interview, from which they obtained one statement from 30-year-old player Inter Milan.

Yes, I underwent medical tests this morning. I will try to give my best.

The clubs have not yet officially confirmed anything but the words of the player himself are probably enough as proof of transfer, right?

We know the details more or less – EUR 5 million for an annual loan and EUR 20 million for a potential buyout for the year which is a really good deal. You can see that this is a typically emergency option for Bayern Munich but if you don’t have what you like, you like what you have.