Ivan Perisic to join Bayern will be on loan basis with buy out 20 million euros

Robert Lewandowski, Mats Hummels, Mario Gotze and Ivan Perisic. The first three are joined by performances in the two best Bundesliga clubs. This can also taste the Croatian whose transfer to Bavaria is on the last straight – says Football Italia. It’s also informs thats Ivan Perisic to join Bayern will be on loan basis with buy out 30 million euros.

The search for new wingers has been going on in Bayern for several weeks. Until now, it was difficult to expect specifics and any interest in a world-class player ended only in speculation. Over the last month, a lot of names have appeared in the context of the game for the German champion.

The closest move to the Bundesliga was Leroy Sane. Manchester City’s winger suffered a terrible injury, which in addition to exclusion from the game, also closed the topic of his transfer to Bavaria. After falling out of the list of the German representative unexpectedly number one became Ivan Perisic who for several seasons has been one of the leaders of Inter Milan.

The Croatian got to Italy in 2015 when he moved from Wolfsburg on a definitive transfer. In the past, he also performed in Borussia Dortmund which has been providing great players to Bayern for the past few years. Now history repeats itself and although Perisic will not go to Munich directly from the second strength in Germany. Although, he will be the next player who will record in his carrier performances in the two strongest Bundesliga clubs.

Finalization of the 30-year-old’s move to Bayern is on the last straight – informs “Football Italia”. The Croatian national team failed to go to a friendly match in which Inter will play against Valencia.

As the source above indicates – this is related to his return to Germany. The winger of Milan to join the Bundesliga champion’s team will be on an annual loan basis with an option to buy out for 30 million euros.

Perisic’s transfer will slightly control Bayern’s problems with the wings which after the departure of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben have seriously weakened.