Jamie Day has voted Messi and Cristiano for Ballon d’Or

Jamie Day is the current football manager of Bangladesh national football team and according to the report, Jamie Day has voted Messi and Cristiano! Do not understand? let’s find out. In the upcoming 23rd September 2019 the new winner of the Ballon d’Or will be announced. And this time, Bangladesh also played a role of selecting the winner. Bangladesh national football team coach Jamie Day and captain Jamal Bhuyan.

After 13 years, on the race of Ballon d’Or, a defender has been shortlisted. The Premier League club Liverpool center-back Virgil Van Dijk has been selected as one of the three. Would he be able to break the chain of Messi and Ronaldo? Or the dominance of Messi and Ronaldo will continue. For the award, his competitors are the Argentine star Lionel Messi and Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo. At Milan, Italy in the upcoming 23rd September 2019 the winner of the 2019 FIFA Ballon d’Or will be revealed.

Messi and Ronaldo will be very happy to hear that from Bangladesh, they have got two votes. Obviously, the Dutch captain Virgil Van Dijk has received a vote as well. Gradually, all three players have received the vote from English football manager Jamie Day. But, Jamie Day used his first vote for Lionel Messi, his 2nd vote was gone for CR7 and the 3rd vote has been received by Van Dijk.

Also, Bangladesh national football team captain Jamal Bhuyan has given his vote to Messi and Ronaldo. But the midfielder of Bangladesh also gave his 3rd vote to the Belgium star Eden Hazard. He stated that he has given his first vote to LM10 and 2nd vote to Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the last week, by defeating Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, after 13 years, a defender has won the UEFA Best Men’s Player award. Yes, we are talking about the defender Virgil Van Dijk. After coming to the Reds, the defence of the club has become stronger. He led his team Liverpool to the Champions League final and won the title by defeating Tottenham Hotspur. But their great achievement is when they beat Barcelona at the Anfield in the 2nd leg of the UCL semi-final.

Besides, the Dutch national football team captain also helped his team to finish the last season of EPL standing on the 2nd position and in the UEFA Nations League, the Netherlands became the runner-up. Let’s see if he can win the Ballon d’Or or not.