Jordi Cardoner said that Neymar will not be joining them this summer

Earlier today, the Spanish club Barca’s Vice-President Jordi Cardoner revealed that Barcelona cannot bring Neymar! Not right now at least. So, it seems that the dream of the Brazilian poster boy remains unfulfilled. Barca Vice-President Jordi Cardoner said that Neymar will not be joining them this summer.

The day of Neymar is not going well at the French side Parc des Princes. Also due to his reason, the new turns used to be staged every day in the summer transfer window. Barcelona is dreaming of bringing Neymar at the Camp Nou from the French club PSG. But in the meantime, the Barca Vice-President Jordi Cardoner made a statement and most of the Barca fans would not like his statement at all. He has given up the hope of bringing the Brazilian forward at the Nou Camp right now.

Neymar, the Brazilian top forward wants to return at the Camp Nou so desperately. He wants to make a trio with his former mates Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and also wants to create the new version of ‘MSN’ once again, it is not so new news. The Argentine star Lionel Messi is getting older and after a couple of years, Messi would leave the Barcelona jersey and his magic will not be seen.

He will take the retirement from the Catalan club. Barcelona, the current La Liga champion has already started to think of his alternatives. Due to the reason, to fill up the gap, Barca wants to bring the Brazilian star Neymar at the Camp Nou. Neymar himself also knows that. So, his interest in returning to the Nou Camp is increasing gradually.

In the circumstances, both Neymar and Barca want the transfer successful. But the things are out of their reach right now. Also Neymar’s current club Paris Saint Germain should want that. It is certain that the Neymar’s unstable mind is bothering the French club and also their President also does not want to keep him at their club. But still, they do not want to give their best gem to the Catalan club. Why would they do that? Earlier it has also been known that excluding Barca, they will sell Neymar to any club. And so, the Spanish club’s Vice-President Jordi Cardoner is a little bit disappointed.

Jordi Cardoner also added that there is no possibility of bringing Neymar back to the La Liga champion’s camp right now. The situation is a bit complicated right now, he believes. Barcelona holds nothing and the solution should come from the Paris Saint Germain, he added.