Jorginho secured the game against Finland in Euro 2020 Qualifying

Team Italy is a big team in football but unfortunately, they could not take part in the last Russia World Cup n2018 because they failed to qualify. Now, they have a big tournament ahead which is UEFA Euro 2020. The qualifying stage of the UEF Euro 2020 is running and Italy has also taken part. They have played already six rounds in the qualifying phase and managed all six victories. Earlier today, they have played the 6th round and Jorginho secured the game against Finland!

In the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying phase, Italy beat Finland earlier today and has kept continuing their winning streak. At the venue of Finland, the match of Group J between Finland and Italy took place where Italy won by a 2 – 1 goal. By winning all six matches, team Italy has collected the highest 18 points and secured the top position. Finland which faced their 2nd defeat earlier today has grabbed the 2nd position with 12 points so far.

Team Italy is placed into the group J and they have five group mates. They are Finland, Armenia, Greece, Liechtenstein and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the qualifying round, just two teams will get the confirmation for the main event of the UEFA Euro 2020. A couple of teams would get the chance to make the playoff as well. Now, from the Group J, Italy and Finland are securing their position. Italy is too ahead of their 2nd place holder team. SO, they have almost secured to play the main stage of Euro 2020.

If we consider the last match between Italy and Finland, it is the 2nd leg where the first leg between them took place on 23rd March 2019. In the match, Italy won by a 2 – 0 goal. Now, in the 2nd leg, Italy visited Finland earlier today and at the Tampere Stadium, the home team was defeated by Italy.

The home team Finland could go ahead at the beginning. In the 4th minute of the game, they missed the head and later, Toivio’s head was also missed. In the 23rd minute of the game, the shot of the Italian star Florenzi could not find the mark. Later, the trying of Immobile, Chiesa could not find the net as well. So, the first half ended with a 0 – 0 goals draw.

Immobile led the team Italy ahead in 59th minute and from the penalty, Finland returned to the game in 72nd minute of the game. Just seven minutes later, Italy got a penalty and Jorginho secured the game against Finland!