Josep Bartomeu says Lionel Messi can leave Barca if he wants

A secret condition of Lionel Mess’s agreement has been revealed earlier today and according to the secret agreement, Lionel Messi can leave Barca if he wants! Anytime! Yes, it is fully surprising. Can you just believe that Messi is playing for Manchester City or the Red Devils or Juventus? It is almost impossible to believe. Lionel Messi and Barcelona are almost similar word, the fans know that. But according to the agreement, Barcelona cannot stop him if he wants to change the club. He can do it anytime. It is a bit shocking but it is true. The secret news has been revealed by the Spanish media El Pais.

Lionel Messi is currently 32 years old and it seems that he has come to the ending of his professional career. How long can he play? Two, three or four years highest. No, he cannot play for the lifetime. If he wants to leave the club after coming to the end of his career, Barcelona cannot stop him. Yes, the agreement says that.

LM10 fans should not worry about that right now. Messi is playing for the other club, it is completely unthinkable but not impossible. At least the last agreement between Messi and Barcelona reveal that. In the year 2017, Lionel Messi renewed his agreement with the Catalan club for the last time. And now, a secret condition has been revealed based on the deal. According to the condition, when the Argentine will pass 32 years, he can change the club if he wants. The decision can be taken by Lionel Messi alone himself. Both parties have agreed that.

In the year 2005, Messi made his first professional contract with the Spanish giants and till now, he has renewed his agreement a total of eight times. In 2017, the last agreement was made. And according to the deal, Messi will stay at the Camp Nou till 2021. In the last June, Lionel Messi has touched 32 and after touching the age, the effectiveness of the condition has started.

But, the Argentine star Messi which he is earning at the Camp Nou right now, it is almost impossible for him to leave the club. Yes, we are excluding his love for the Spanish giants. No, Messi cannot betray to his club and his fans. So, Barca fans should not worry about. Earlier, to bring Messi a number of top-rated clubs tried but the Argentine magician did not accept their proposal. The clubs like Manchester City, PSG, Juventus, Inter Milan and some other clubs tried but could not break the relationship between Barca and Messi. Now, they can make another attempt.