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Juventus manager along with the players have accepted a 4-month long pay cut

Juventus players will reduce their salaries from March to June

Corona causes huge financial problems for the clubs. So, to get rid off it, the Old Lady stars have taken a very good decision. Juventus players will reduce their salaries from March to June. Through an official statement, the club has revealed the players’ decision.

Though Coronavirus started it’s a journey from China but the virus is causing much more destruction in Italy than any nation in the world. The Corona effect causes their football as well. All the competitions including the top-flight Serie A have been postponed already.

The world is facing big trouble now. Due to the attack of Coronavirus, most of the peoples around the world are passing the very idle time. They have no work in hand. Due to the fear of death, they are staying home. This affects the poor people, especially the day laborers. They do not have any sources of income right now.

The footballers also spending some idle time right now. But they are footballers. The footballers which are connected to the top European leagues used to get a big amount every month. If they spend a couple of months at home, it will not affect them. But the peoples which are in different professions will face the financial problem no doubt. Especially we can say about the very poor peoples. If Corona will not take their lives, hunger will take for sure.

In a club, without the players and the coach, the rest person will face the same financial problems no doubt. They are facing an uncertain future during the time of Corona. The uncertainty will be removed by the Old Lady players and the coach if we consider their steps. For the next four months, the team of Cristiano Ronaldo will not take the salary from the club. The Juventus club authorities have informed the news.

According to the news of the Guardian, considering the agreement, the Old Lady players will not take the salary for the next March, April, May, and June. These four months. In these four months, the sum total of the players and the coach’s salary will be around 90 million euros. With the amount, the club authorities will pay the salaries to the workers of the clubs and the rest fees, the Old Lady confirmed that.

Though the Italian series have not finished yet the league president announced to keep continue the season till the next July in last week. However, when the season will resume, both parties will make the discussion about the salary.

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