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Juventus stumbled against the newbie team Lecce

Juventus stumbled against the newbie team Lecce

Lecce is an Italian professional football club though they were founded in 1908 but the team used to play in the 2nd division competition in Italy. Now, in the new season of Serie A, Lecce has been promoted to the top flight of the Italian competition and presented some magical performance. By playing the 9th round in Serie A, Lecce is holding the 16th position on the point table and just a few hours ago, they played the 9th round in Serie A. Against the Italian most successful team Juventus, they presented an extraordinary performance we believe. Yes, Juventus stumbled against the newbie team Lecce. No, they were not defeated but the match ended with a 1 – 1 goal draw.

Both teams could not find the net in the first half. The Old Lady made their move in the 2nd half and went ahead but a few minutes later, the newbie team found the net and so, the team of Sarri lost points. At their opponent’s venue, the consecutive eight times Serie A winner Juventus made the draw against Lecce by a 1 – 1 goal. Juventus which team started to play excluding their top star Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentine star Paulo Dybala led his team ahead in the 2nd half but Mancosu’s goal led Lecce to return to the game.

In the new season of Serie A, it is the 2nd draw for the Italian giants Juventus. Last September, at the venue of Fiorentina, the team of Sarri made the draw by a 0 – 0 goals and later, they won the next five matches consecutively.

Juventus possessed the ball most of the time and also dominated the attacking division. Before the break, they also got a number of good chances but due to the forward’s failure, they could not find the net. In the 5th minute of the 2nd half, through the spot-kick of Dybala, Juventus went ahead.

Into the box, Pjanic was fouled and so, the referee gave a free-kick. But later, using the VAR, he changed it to the penalty. Juventus could not celebrate the moments for long. The five minutes later, De Ligt was touched by the ball into the box and so, Lecce got a penalty as well. With the successful spot-kick, the Italian forward Mancosu scored the match even goal.

By playing nine matches in Serie A, the Old Lady managed seven victories and two draws. With the highest 23 points, they are still holding the top position.

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