Juventus tasted the 1st defeat in the Serie A season

Juventus is the most successful Italian club and already won the eight Serie A title consecutively. After buying Ronaldo from Real Madrid, they won their 8th Serie A title consecutively. But on the way to their 9th Serie A title, they are facing so much competition. Under the guidance of Antonio Conte, Inter Milan is holding the top position on the Serie A point table. Though Juventus did not face any defeat before the last match according to the report, Juventus tasted the 1st defeat in the Serie A season! As a result, they have lost the chance of moving to the top of the table.

If they could manage the victory, they were able to reclaim their top position back from Inter Milan. And on the way to the victory, Cristiano’s goal led them ahead in the beginning. But the home team Lazio was so aggressive and so, the team of Sarri could not keep their form continue. Finally, in the new season of Serie A, the Italian champion tasted the first defeat so far.

At the venue of Lazio, Stadio Olimpico earlier today Juventus faced Lazio and the Old Lady which became the ten men’s squad at the end was defeated by a 3 – 1 goal. Just before the break, Luiz Felipe led the local team to return to the match. At the end of the 2nd half, through the goal of Milinkovic-Savic, the local team took the lead of the game and finally, Caicedo secured the victory. After becoming undefeated in the first 14 rounds in the season of Serie A, the team of Sarri tasted the defeat. 

The Old Lady had a good chance ahead of moving to the top position and they started the game very well. They possessed the ball most of the times and kept the pressure to the opponent’s defence. In the 25th minute of the game, they found the net and went ahead. The Uruguayan midfielder Bentancur made the amazing pass ad Cristiano found the net very easily. After getting behind, the local team started to return to the game gradually. Just before the break, the found the success. In the additional minutes of the first half, Alberto made the cross and Luiz heads it to the net.

In the 69th minute, Cuadrado saw the red card and so, Juventus became the ten men’s squad. Before recovering from the shock, they conceded the 2nd goal. And in the additional minutes of the game, Ecuador’s forward Caicedo made the scoreline 3 – 1.