Juventus with another idea to replace Giorgio Chiellini

Juventus is one of the most pragmatic clubs in Europe and is one of the reasons it dominates. The Old Lady does not allow a situation in which she would have an unsolved problem. He has a few ideas to solve them before they appear for good. One is looming somewhere on the horizon and Juventus no longer wants to let it influence them. so, Juventus with another idea to replace Giorgio Chiellini.

It’s about the injured Giorgio Chiellini. After all, Italy is the foundation of the Juventus defense and he fell out for at least six months. Not only that, we are talking about a man who is 35 years old. No one can guarantee him to return to form after such a long break with the ball. Even the “Old Lady” takes into account that there can be nothing from Chiellini and therefore decides to bring another defender.

According to the Daily Mail, Italy’s attention will now be focused on Toby Alderweirelda. The Belgian could leave Tottenham already in the summer but despite the relatively low clause that was on his contract for two weeks, no one came forward.

However, His contract expires in the summer which means you can still get him cheap. Juventus will try to buy it at a promotional price in January and if it fails, I will probably offer him a contract for next season. After all, a summer without a free signed player is a lost summer, right?