Juventus won the seven goals fight against Napoli

With an amazing counter-attack, Juventus went ahead at the beginning of the game. After the eye-catchy goal of Argentine star Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo also found the net. So, the guest team was cornered. But, the team was Napoli and the Old lady should not take them lightly. They turned around and gradually repaid all three goals. But in the end, they made a mistake which was so unforgivable. They made a suicidal goal and so, the current champion of Serie A left the ground with the victory. It has been said that finally, Juventus won the seven goals fight against Napoli!

At the Juventus Stadium, earlier today, the local team won by a 4 – 3 goals. In the new season of Serie A, it was their 2nd consecutive victory.

In the 62nd minute, when Ronaldo scored the 3rd goal, the scoreline was 3 – 0. But within just 15 minutes, Napoli returned to the game when Manolas, Lozano and Di Lorenzo scored goals for the guest team. But in the additional minutes of the game, Koulibaly made a mistake and scored a suicidal goal. So, the Old Lady got their 2nd victory in Serie A.

With an amazing counter-attack, in the 16th minute of the game, Juventus went ahead. Costa passed the ball into the box. And near the penalty spot, the Brazilian defender Danilo scored the first goal. Just a minute ago, De Sciglio was replaced by the Brazilian due to the injury. And it was his first touch in the match.

Three minutes later, the former Argentina national team forward Higuain made the scoreline 2 – 0 and Juventus took control of the game. In the 33rd minute, the German midfielder Khedira’s shot was stopped by the crossbar.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Napoli increased the attacks to the Old Lady’s defence. They got two chances within four minutes but missed. In the 62nd minute, Juventus increased the goal difference with an amazing attack. Costa who played very well in the whole match made the cutback and with the placing shot, Ronaldo scored his first goal in the new season.

Napoli which team went behind by three goals within two minutes, they found the net twice times and reduced the difference. In the 81st minute, Italian defender Lorenzo scored the 3rd goal for Napoli and scoreline was a 3 – 3. But, in the end, they made a mistake and lost points.