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Kaka did not want to leave AC Milan – Gaetano Paolillo

Kaka did not want to leave AC Milan

In the year 2009, became the most expensive footballer in the world, the Brazilian attacking midfielder Ricardo Kaka joined at the Santiago Bernabeu. He left his favorite club AC Milan and started his career at the Bernabeu. But reportedly, Kaka did not want to leave AC Milan.

When Kaka left the Italian side, he dominated the football. It was the era of Kaka. He was the best player in the world back then. Wearing the jersey of AC Milan, he continuously presented his magical performance. And just a year ago, Kaka won the Ballon d’Or. 

As usual, the Spanish superpower team Real Madrid kept their eye on the best player. They have the name of collecting the best players as we speak. Finally, in exchange for the huge amount or we can say, they made a record and bought the best player Kaka from the Italian club AC Milan in 2009. But the Brazilian did not want to leave AC Milan. Why did he leave then?

Kaka’s agent Gaetano Paolillo revealed the truth after a long time. Because of the Coronavirus when all the sporting events have been closed, everybody is quite active in different social media. So, Gaetano Paolillo has revealed a secret. 

According to his statement, the former Brazilian attacking midfielder did not want to leave AC Milan. But considering the financial problem of the Italian side, the decision was taken. To speak the truth, he did not want the transfer. In Milan, he was quite happy with his family. He was doing good with them also. But the club decided to sell him and the Spanish giants wanted the chance to buy him.

The CEO of AC Milan also did not want to sell the Ballon d’Or winner. But unfortunately, he did not have the chance to take the decision. Real Madrid was chasing the Brazilian attacking midfielder from the last few years. But neither AC Milan nor Kaka wanted to accept the offer. The agent of Kaka revealed that. 

However, it has no confusion that Real Madrid is Real Madrid. There is no comparison with their success. But what Kaka did at the Santiago Bernabeu was not much more than what he did in AC Milan. Earlier, the Los Blancos wanted Kaka in their squad. But all the time, the 38 years old or AC Milan rejected their offer.

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