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Kaka has taken Messi as the best than Cristiano Ronaldo

Kaka has taken Messi as the best than Cristiano Ronaldo

Both were playing in the same club. At the same time, he got Lionel Messi as his opponent. So, the former Brazil national team attacking midfielder Kaka has taken Messi as the best than Cristiano Ronaldo! When he joined at the Santiago Bernabeu, in the same year Cristiano also moved to the Spanish side. So, Kaka and Cristiano shared the same dressing room. But Lionel Messi was the opponent of Kaka. So, when the question has come to the  Ballon d’Or winner Kaka, who is the best between them? Kaka has taken Lionel Messi as his best, not his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the year 2009, Kaka joined the Spanish most successful club Real Madrid. In the same season, the Portuguese star also moved to the Bernabeu from the Premier League club Manchester United. At that time, Kaka was too close to the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. But on his official Instagram, he was connected with the FIFA in a question-answer episode, the 2007 Ballon d’Or winner was asked who is the best between Messi and Ronaldo? Kaka has kept the Barcelona forward Lionel Messi ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.

He stated that he played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and he is truly amazing. But he will choose Messi no doubt. Messi is a genius and a pure talent. His playing style is just impossible.

Yes, no doubt, the former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal machine. He is not only strong but also speedy. Even he is also strong mentally. To speak the truth, Cristiano always wants to win and wants to play. He wants to become the best. To the former Brazilian star Kaka, these things of Cristiano are amazing.

In the history of football, both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will be in the top five no doubt. And, Kaka, as well as the current generation, is too lucky to see them play on the ground.

Because of the Coronavirus, all the world has been stopped. The games have been stopped as well as the practice also. The players are passing their time at home. But still, the athletes from the different competitions are trying to keep them fit at their home. But the fans, how can they spend the time at home. To keep them happy, FIFA is trying something new. The old debate has come with the new looks. Who is the best footballer in recent time, Messi or Cristiano? In Instagram, FIFA added the question and talked with the Brazilian former playmaker Kaka.

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