Kane’s hat-trick kept the English winning-streak continue on Euro 2020 qualifying

Yes, now the international break is ongoing which means all the league competitions are in the break for the international schedule. Like most of the big teams, England is also passing a very busy time. They are scheduled to play the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying and earlier today, they have played their 3rd round of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round and Kane’s hat-trick kept the English winning-streak continue! Yes, English forward Harry Kane presented an amazing hat-trick. Raheem Sterling also found the net. Based on the amazing performance of the English forwards, in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round, England got the dominating victory. Besides, in the qualifying round, they have kept their winning-streak continue.

At the Wembley Stadium, London earlier today the match of Group A took place between England and Bulgaria. The home team won by a 4 – 0 goal. By winning the three matches consecutively, England is standing on the top position on group A with the highest 9 points.

England beat the Czech Republic by a 5- 0 goal in their inaugural match and in their 2nd match of the Euro 2020 qualifying round, they destroyed Montenegro by a 5- 1 goal so far.

In the 19th minute of the game, Raheem Sterling made the cross and Kane found the net but due to the off-side trap, the goal was cancelled. Just five minutes later, Bulgaria goalkeeper made a mistake and England went ahead. There were English players around but Bulgaria keeper took a small short. He was returned the ball but Sterling took control of the ball and he made the backpass to Kane. And the Spurs forward found the net. At the beginning of the 2nd half, from the penalty, Harry Kane increased the goal difference and took control of the game. Into the box, Rashford was fouled and the referee gave England a penalty.

In the 55th minute, once again Bulgaria team made a mistake and England used the chance. From the pass of the 26 years old Kane, Sterling found the net. In the 73rd minute of the game, England got their 2nd penalty and from the spot-kick, Harry Kane filled up his hat-trick. Into the box, he was fouled. Wearing the national jersey, Harry Kane played a total of 40 matches and scored 25 goals so far. In the ongoing season of UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round, the Spurs star scored five goals in three matches.