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Klopp does not want to blame Adrian for Champions League exit

Liverpool boss Klopp does not want to blame the goalkeeper

The most important match or we can say, a high voltage match in the Champions League took place yesterday. It was the 2nd leg of the round of the last sixteen. At their own Fort, Liverpool faced a heartbroken defeat against the Spanish club Atletico Madrid. But many Liverpool fans have found the most important reason behind the defeat. It was their goalkeeper, Adrian. He made a remarkable mistake. So, the Reds conceded one goal. After scoring the goal, Atletico became confident and scored two more goals. But still, Liverpool boss Klopp does not want to blame the goalkeeper! To the German boss Jurgen Klopp, the main reason is his team failed to score goals within the selected 90 minutes.

At the Anfield, the return leg of the Champions League went to the extra time. In the game, the current champion faced the defeat by a 3 – 2 goals. So, with the 4 – 2 goals aggregation, Atletico Madrid has moved to the next round of the tournament.

Liverpool’s first goalkeeper the Brazilian Alisson is suffering from the butt injury. So, Adrian has been taken for the game. In the extra time of the game, the Atletico forward Felix got the ball in a dangerous place. The young forward passed the ball to Marcos Llorente. Based on the amazing performance of the 25 years old Spanish midfielder, Atletico returned to the game. But considering the away goal, they were ahead of the Reds. 

Later, Marcos Llorente scored one more goal. And, finally, Alvaro Morata gave the finishing touch and secured the ticket of the UCL quarter-final. Most of the Liverpool fans thought that the first goal of Marcos Llorente changed the picture of the game. But Klopp does not want to accept that. Adian is a human and not for a single moment, he will blame Adrian. Klopp wants the media will also keep their respect for him.

Jurgen Klopp has taken the responsibility of the Reds in the year of 2014. After that, it is the very first time for him that his team faced the defeat of both legs in the European competitions. And at the home venue, it was the first. Klopp also added that Adrian did not want to do it like that. When he played earlier, he saved the team many times. After coming to the Anfield, he is doing great.

The goal did not work today. There are always a few different reasons behind every defeat, Klopp believes. The German manager believes that his team failed to use the first 90 minutes properly and took much time to score the 2nd goal.

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