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La Liga giants Barca wants to cut player’s salaries due to coronavirus

La Liga giants Barca wants to cut player's salaries

Barcelona’s players cannot accept that actually. They are not agreed with the thought of the La Liga champion. In the day when Coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, La Liga giants Barca wants to cut player’s salaries due to coronavirus. But Barca players do not want that. So, the situation is not good in the Catalan club’s dressing room. Due to the Coronavirus, all the European Leagues, as well as La Liga, have been postponed. So, the Barcelona board has offered to deduct 70 percent of the players’ salary.

If we look at the current stats of Barcelona, it seems Barca and trouble are quite a similar word. Even Coronavirus could not separate them from each other. Due to the infection of the deadly virus, all the sporting events throughout the world have been suspended. But the conflict between the Barca board and the players are still running. And today’s problem is, Barca wants to deduct the players’ salary.

Coronavirus is not only taking lives but also it is causing people is in different ways. Peoples are facing financial problems a lot. The lives have been stopped and so the job. It has become very hard to earn money for lower-earning people. Along with the people, the European clubs are also facing the same problem. One of the biggest European clubs Barcelona wants to deduct their players’ salary in the days of Corona.

Just a couple of days ago, the French club Saint-Etienne’s president revealed the truth. He stated that if the current situation will continue for the next five or six months, most of the clubs in France will become insolvent. The situation in Spain will remain the same as in France. The Barcelona based newspaper Sport said that due to the financial problem, like many clubs in Spain, the La Liga champion Barcelona might also fire their workers for a temporary basis. To get rid off of the upcoming financial problem, from the Barcelona board, they have tabled an offer. These days when the matches have been postponed, they will deduct the players’ salary 70 percent. 

But all the players are not agreed on this. There are different opinions have come from the Barca’s dressing room. A part of the team is angry on the board. The team did not need but Barca bought a number of players like that in the last summer transfer in exchange for a big amount. So, why the rest will suffer for them? But also a part of the squad is fully agreed on the board, Sport also revealed.

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