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La Liga has been postponed indefinitely

La Liga has been postponed indefinitely

like all the other European league competitions, the 89th season of La Liga has been suspended. Now, earlier today, the biggest disappointment has come to the La Liga fans. The Spanish La Liga has been postponed indefinitely. The 89th season of the Spanish top-flight La Liga is going on. Oh, we can say was going on. But all of a sudden, the deadly and newborn Coronavirus attacked all the European leagues.

Yes, due to the infection of the Coronavirus disease, in Spain, including the top league competition La Liga, all the football tournaments have been postponed for an unspecified period of time.

Spanish Football Federation and La Liga jointly revealed the statement earlier today. Until further notice, the Spanish football calender will be postponed.

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world. After Italy, the situation in Spain is much worse. In the beginning, like most of the European leagues, La Liga was postponed for two weeks. The La Liga season was about to resume from next 3rd April 2020. But the condition in the country is going out of control. And, earlier today, the Spanish football federation and La Liga authorities made the new statement.

When the situation will be better for human health, the ongoing season will be resumed, according to the statement. The President of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales first did not approve that. He did not understand the situation. Luis Rubiales informed that when the problem will be solved, the season will resume.

If we consider the European condition in the time of the Coronavirus, Italy is the most infected country by the deadly disease. Though the disease started to spread from China, Italy has seen the dead most already. An after Italy, Spain’s condition is not good. But already, they are following the same way. According to the health ministry of Spain, more than 33 thousand people have been infected by the deadly virus. And they have already seen more than 2180 deads there.

It seems that the future of the ongoing season will not be decided so soon. Though La Liga has passed most of the way. All the participant clubs have played 27 rouns there. Now, the current La Liga champion Barcelona is holding the top position. They have gathered the highest 58 points so far. The team of Zidane is in the 2nd position. They are just two points behind. Now, if for the ongoing situation, the season will be announced as the end, Barcelona will win the title.

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