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La Liga has found their first Coronavirus infected player

La Liga has found their first Coronavirus infected player

Now, the time has come for the La Liga players to get prepared. La Liga has found their first Coronavirus infected player. Argentine defender of Valencia has got the infection of the COVID-19.

Coronavirus has found in more than 150 countries in the world already. Many athletes have already been infected by the disease. If we look at the top five European leagues, the teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniele Rugani was infected by COVID-19 first. Later, it started to spread to more footballers in the different leagues. Earlier, there was no footballer was found in La Liga who was infected. But a Real Madrid basketball player was infected. So, the match between Man City and Real Madrid was postponed. 

Earlier today, the Spanish club leaked the news. According to their statement, including the Argentine defender Garay, a total of five players of the team and staff are infected by the Coronavirus. But all of them are pretty well right now. Yes, obviously they are also separated from the others. 

Due to the injury, the 33rd years old Argentine defender, Garay’s La Liga season ended earlier. The Argentina national team defender eels so disappointed after the infection. Through social media Instagram, he revealed a disappointing status.

Ezequiel Garay stated that it is crystal clear that the new year 2020 did not bring any good to him. But he is passing some worst time. Now, he is infected by the COVID-19. Though he feels alright now. For the next two weeks, he must follow the guideline of the authorities and doctors. At the same time, he will have to get separated from others.

Earlier, a Real Madrid basketball player was infected by the deadly disease. After that in the last Thursday, all the players of the club have been taken to the quarantine. Just after that, La Liga officials have postponed all the matches. In Europe, after Italy, the worst effect of Coronavirus has fallen into Spain. before Spain, a number of footballers who are playing in Serie A were infected by the Coronavirus.

The 27th round of La Liga has finished already. But it seems that for the deadly Coronavirus, the season might not be finished. So, the La Liga authorities might declare the winner of La Liga after the 27th round. In that case, Barcelona is holding the top position right now with the highest 58 points so far. On the other hand, Garay’s club Valencia is holding the 7th position with the 42 points.

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