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LaLiga title to current leaders – if the 2019/20 season cannot be completed

LaLiga title to current leaders if 19-20 can't be completed

After coming to the position, the most prestigious league in Europe has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. So, what now? Who will win the La Liga title? Barcelona, Real Madrid or Coronavirus? If the league will be canceled officially, LaLiga title to current leaders.

If we look at the Spanish La Liga point table, Barcelona which is the current champion is still two points ahead of the most successful team Real Madrid and holding the top position. In the ongoing league, there are still eleven rounds to go.

But, there are a number of calculations to go. Messi’s Barcelona has got the big chance of winning La Liga title for a hat-trick time. Only eleven matches are in hand in the Spanish La Liga. But many times, to see the title winner, it used to go till the end of the season. In that case, eleven matches are a long way. Though Barcelona is holding the top position now, it does not mean that they can keep it till the end. Real Madrid is just two points behind them. In these circumstances, Coronavirus attacks La Liga. Due to the deadly virus, the league has been postponed. All the matches have been stopped already.

So, the general question has come o the front. What is the future of the league? Who will win the title? Barcelona or Real Madrid? By making the top two arch-rivals fool, Coronavirus might win if the La Liga officials will cancel the whole season.

It is not certain yet. But there are a few more options still be found. But the La Liga authorities and the Spanish Football Federation will jointly make the decision and announce the winner of La Liga. According to the 6th article of the agreement between La Liga president and the Spanish Football Federation president, through their opinion, the winner of La Liga will be decided. In that case, there are a few options to find out the winner.

After the effect of Coronavirus, when the season will be resumed, the rest matches will be taken place for making the winner. The 2nd option says that considering the current standing, means after the 27th round, the winner will be decided. In that case, Barcelona will win the title. According to the 3rd option, Neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid, Coronavirus will win. Yes, the whole season will be canceled. There is another option. The La Liga officials might want to find the winner after the 50 percent of the season. Yes, after the 19th round, the team which was on the top might be announced as the winner.

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