Leroy Sane is out of the game for a long time

This summer was supposed to be beautiful for Leroy Sane. From the very beginning he aroused a lot of interest and at one point Bayern Munich greatly desired him. The further ahead, the more determined the Germans were and offered more. At one point they seemed to buy it for 80 million euros but then Leroy Sane met with bad luck. In an encounter with Liverpool he was injured. Until now, it was not known how long he would pause but it’s seems Leroy Sane is out of the game for a long time.

Familiar website As Bild informs, doctors are not able to fully determine how long recovery will take but they are sure that surgery will be necessary because the German broke the cruciate ligaments in the knee.

This is one of the most serious injuries in football and just a few years ago players lost almost entire seasons to recover from it. For Sane, it’s going to be several months.

This is bad news for all parties. Bayern Munich has no one to strengthen himself because they are the main candidate. Manchester City loses a very important player and does not get a penny for it and Leroy Sane is out of the game for a long time himself has a significant stagnation in his career when he could develop the fastest.