Lewandowski’s new contract is one step away with Bayern Munich

Those who still believed in a fairy tale about Robert Lewandowski’s move to Real Madrid must finally grow up and realize that such a transfer can be done at most in Football Manager and not always. Lewandowski’s new contract is one step away with Bayern Munich which he confirmed after yesterday’s meeting.

Lewandowski showed off hat-trick in the match against Schalke yesterday, thanks to which he has already scored 5 goals after two Bundesliga rounds.  I am the last person who praises a footballer only because of his nationality because I think it is total cretinism (so there is no doubt) and here I am able to risk the statement that Lewandowski is for the Bayern Munich, like Lionel Messi for Barcelona – not for replacement.

His current contract is valid until June 2021 but at the end of the week there were the first whispers that it would be extended soon. Well, maybe whispers are a bad word because Sky Sports reported with a bang that on Thursday  Lewandowski will sign a new agreement, valid until 2023.

“Bild” also confirm this with his reports, saying that Lewandowski was convinced by the club management that valuable players finally joined Bayern Munich and the team’s staff was expanded.

As you know, the striker recently commented on the club’s policy in the media and said that the team needs a wider team and valuable substitutes. And he got such. He said that if so, it was all right and after yesterday’s meeting with Schalke, he himself admitted that the  matter is not yet fully agreed, but he is 95%. You can see for yourself that this is a fairly large number.

Just to be sure, Lewandowski is the fifth most effective shooter in Bundesliga history. In 292 matches for Borussia Dortmund and In Bayern Munich, he has already scored 207 goals.

Who is on the lowest step of the podium? Jupp Heynckes with 220 goals, which means that Lewandowski will probably sip his former coach this season. He will need a little more time to jump over Klaus Fischer because the vice-leader has 268 goals while the leader is unreachable. Gerd Muller 365 goals in 427 matches.