Lionel Messi branded selfish Compared to Cristiano Ronaldo – Mario Kempes

It is shocking news for Messi fans. Everyone knows, he played for his team. He supported from behind, front and wherever he was wanted. But, the former professional player of Argentina national team Mario Kempes who was in the Argentine national team squad when they won the World Cup in 1978 stated that Lionel Messi branded selfish Compared To Cristiano Ronaldo. And on the opposite way, the Portuguese star is completely different. He is playing for his team.

Since the beginning of the professional career, Lionel Messi used to hear that wearing the Spanish giants jersey, Messi is playing well but wearing the Argentine jersey, he does not. The bad name was with Messi since long. If team Argentina fails to win any match or any tournament, Messi used to be blamed by many or by selected few. And among the list of the complainant, a couple of former professional Argentine players are noticed.

But this time, a new complaint has been revealed against Leo which was never heard before. The complain was too heavy against the five times Ballon d’Or that Barca star is becoming selfish gradually. The complaint was revealed by the former Argentine player Mario Kempes.

Not only that but also the former player also stated something more and Messi would become angry to hear that. According to the Kempes, Ronaldo is completely opposite than Messi. It means that if Messi gradually turns to selfish then Cristiano is doing the different. He is playing for the club and removing his selfish structure.

The member of the team Argentine which won the 1978 FIFA World Cup also praised Messi before making such comments. He added that when Messi is on the ground, a player has to be ready. Because he would not know what is he going to do next. If he is questioned about his wishes to play someone with, he has revealed that also. He wants to play with Lionel Messi. Because he already played with Diego Maradona.

After that, the former striker blasted the bomb about the Argentine little magician. He also stated that football fans around the World seen everything from the LM10. But he thinks that now, Messi wants to do things for his own. Earlier, he played for the team but now, he has become so selfish. But, the word selfish was attached with the Portuguese star CR7 earlier.