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Lionel Messi can become the new Xavi – Domenec Torrent

Lionel Messi can become the new Xavi

The former Barcelona assistant coach Domenec Torrent has remembered the most excellent things about the great Argentine forward Messi. According to the former assistant of Pep Guardiola, the Barcelona captain Lionel Messi can become the new Xavi.

As a great footballer, Lionel Messi has possessed all qualities which he needed. And about the qualities, the living proof is the coaching team of the Catalan club. At the Camp Nou, the former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola has a famous quote. Messi is not only the best striker. But he has the capability of becoming the best in every position he plays if he wants. Yes, Pep Guardiola believes that. And now, the former assistant of Guardiola, Domenec Torrent has agreed with the Man City boss.

Domenec Torrent who was the assistant manager of Barcelona when Guardiola was the manager. To the Spanish manager, Lionel Messi has every quality to play as the central midfielder. Messi is a talented player. If he wants, after few days, he can start playing like Xavi in the midfield. Yes, he has the capability.

What are the capabilities? Yes, Domenec Torrent has also described that. Messi used to play as a striker but sometimes he comes lower to take control of the ball. If he gets the control, he does not lose it. Besides, in the midfield, he helps his teammates.

So, Torrent believes that if wants, Messi can play in the midfield. Generally, with his age, he will lose the regular speed than before. And then, to prove his talent, he can play as the midfielder. Lionel Messi takes great care of him year after year.

 So, he possesses the fitness of playing as the midfielder. Now, it fully depends on him, Domenec Torrent believes. The former coach of Barcelona praised Messi a lot. There is no comparison with Messi with anyone.

For the last fiteen years, he is holding the top position and it is not normal. In his life, he might not see anyone like Messi, Domenec Torrent thought. When Messi plays bad, at least he assists twice times or doing something extraordinary. In the history of Barcelona, Xavi is one the best midfielders. And, Torrent thinks that Messi canplay the same role as Xavi. 

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