Lionel Messi does not like to talk about himself

It was certain that Messi is going to win his 6th ‘European Golden Shoe’ for his last season’s performance but earlier today, Barcelona has handed over the prestigious trophy to the Argentine great. In that colorful ceremony, the Barcelona captain revealed that. Yes, he talked like an original genius. Lionel Messi does not like to talk about himself! Most of the top-rated stars did not like much to talk about themselves but they let the thing to their fans and in that case, Lionel Messi also follows the way. The better way actually.

As the first footballer, Lionel Messi has won the consecutive three European Golden Shoe awards. As the result of the highest goal scorer in all over Europe, earlier today, a colorful ceremony has been executed where Barcelona handed over the trophy to the Argentine legend. In his professional career, for the record sixth time, the Barcelona captain has won the award and later, he faced an interview from the Spanish football-related newspaper ‘Marca’. There, the Argentine skipper also talked about his career, club and about his teammates as well.

When Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan used to talk about the greatness of themselves openly, Lionel Messi has not mentioned his name to that higher and so, Marca asked him about the fact. Then Lionel Messi revealed his answer. He wants to let the people judge him rather than praise himself. But still, he is fully aware of his activities and about his capabilities. Still, he is keeping the thing inside him. Yes, people can talk about themselves but Lionel Messi does not like to talk about himself! But he likes to talk about his team.

Lionel Messi is currently 32 years old and in his age, footballers used to think of ending their career. But still, Messi is creating records every day. At his age, he has won the highest 6th European Golden Shoe and later, he will get the chance of making the number higher. But Marca asked him about his retirement plan. LM10 revealed that he will understand when the time will come. If he can understand the fact, he will reveal the thing himself that he would not go any further but to stop his journey.

Still, the great footballer stated that his target is not to win any individual awards but he wants to win his club and national team. If he fails to win Ballon d’Or, Golden Shoe or something like that it cannot change anything.