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Lionel Messi is not a phenomenon now – Hugo Gatti

Lionel Messi he is not a phenomenon now

Messi is still the highest goal scorer in La Liga this season. But the criticism started after his team’s defeat in the last El Clasico. Lionel Messi is not a phenomenon now. In the game, Messi’s performance was too simple. After the match, the former Argentine professional goalkeeper Hugo criticized Lionel Messi. 

Messi is not the old Messi right now. For a long time, in the football world, the word has started to spread. Especially his performance in El Clasico made the discussion much stronger. Many people did not like his dim performance. At the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid, there was no such Messi magic actually. He lost control of the ball many times. Besides, he missed two great chances also.

LM10 missed a great chance there also. From the midfield, he was passed by De Jong and by escaping all defenders of Real Madrid ran to the goal. Yes, the Argentine forward ran fast but there was no such speed there. From far behind, the Brazilian left-back Marcelo came and took the ball from his control. So, after losing the ball, the criticism became stronger. So, the obvious question has come to the front, is this the end of the 32nd year old Lionel Messi?

After the match against Real Madrid, the former Argentine goalkeeper Hugo Gatti stated that Messi is no more. His professional career has come to the end. Yes, obviously he is the best in the World but in the big match like El Clasico, he could not provide his best. when his team faces the pressure, Messi used to become sad. he cannot inspire his team also. After the match, Hugo told the above things. But the legendary Boca Juniors goalkeeper said something more earlier today. He stated that obviously the people of Argentine can criticize the 75 years old former goalkeeper but he can say that the phenomenon Lionel Messi is no more.

He also added that people used to consider Messi is the big player right now but it is totally wrong. Barcelona regards him as the big star but not true. He just walks on the ground much more than earlier. However, Gatti also inspired Messi. He told Messi to start again. He must have to play better than anyone.

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