Lionel Messi is set to return in next week aims Real Betis

At the beginning of the month when Messi just returned to the Camp Nou from his vacation after the season of Copa America 2019, he got injured. Due to the reason, he could not take part in the inaugural match of the La Liga 2019/20. Excluding Messi, Barcelona was totally imbalanced and faced the defeat against Athletic Bilbao by a 1 – 0 goal. But, the Argentine star Messi has not increased the waiting’s of his coach. He has already returned to the practice session with his club Barca. According to the news, Lionel Messi is set to return in next week aims Real Betis. That means, against Real Betis which is the 2nd round of the ongoing season of La Liga, Messi will be seen on the ground.

Barcelona is completely helpless without the left-foot magician Messi and once again, it had been seen in the match against Athletic Bilbao. Due to the leg muscle injury, Messi was absent in the opening round of the La Liga. And without the captain of the team, Barcelona could not score any goal. The new members of the team Antoine Griezmann, De Jong could not help the team and also there were Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele who could not bring the victory to the Camp Nou. Barcelona was defeated by a 1 – 0 goal. In the circumstances, Messi cannot wait to return to the team and recovering from the injury, yesterday, he returned to the practice session with the team Barca. Against Real Betis, Messi will be grounded for the first time in the season.

And it is the big news for the Catalan club and they have spread the news on their official Twitter account that Argentine legend has returned to the practice session. The laughing Messi was seen practising with Antoine Griezmann, Jordi Alba, Samuel Umtiti, Pique and so on. On the other side, Real Betis also did not miss the chance of making fun.

If Messi will return against them, they will face problems for sure no doubt. Against Messi, their chance of getting victory will reduce. So, Real Betis has retweeted that Messi does not need to so hurry. After recovering from the injury completely, he can come slowly. No need to play so forcefully.

And why does not Betis say that? Messi is so dangerous to their opponent when he is in his best form. Like the other clubs in the World, Betis also aware of that. In the last March at the home venue of Real Betis, Messi made an amazing hat-trick and Barca won by a 4 – 1 goal.