Lionel Messi reveals that he almost quit Barcelona in 2013 after he and his father were charged with tax fraud

Lionel Messi and Barcelona seems a similar word right now because Messi is playing for the Spanish giants for a long time. Basically, when he started his professional career, excluding Barcelona, he has not played for any other club yet. So, the Barca fans do not expect to see the Catalan club excluding the Argentine footballer. Lionel Messi reveals that he almost quit Barcelona in 2013. Yes, it is true and earlier today, LM10 revealed the secret. In the year of 2013, when the tax escape investigation started in Spain, the Argentine football team captain thought to leave the club. Behind the thought, there was no reason anything about his club related.

To a Barcelona based radio, earlier today Lionel Messi gave an interview where he revealed the secret facts and the time he described was too hard on him. To speak the truth, at that time, the current Barca captain wanted to leave the club. But no for the club, he made the things clear. Not for Barcelona but he wanted to leave Spain. He was treated badly in Spain at that time and so, he did not want to stay there. There were a number of big clubs which were interested in him for sure but still, he did not receive any official offer from them. Because all of them knew that Messi is happy at the Nou Camp. But the situation was too bad and so his emotion in his club became smaller than that thing.

The Argentine captain also added that at that time, Spain was passing a very difficult moment considering the financial purpose. So, the Spanish government was so hard on those who escaped the tax. By punishing him, the tax officials wanted to make an example to the others, Messi believes. Messi was on the top and so, they were so hard on him and wanted to present him as an example. So, the others could understand that the same fate is waiting for them. Everything which happened at that time was so hard to accept.

From the year of 2007 to 2009, Messi escaped the taxes according to the tax officials and so, the court imprisoned Messi and his father. However, later Messi and his father had to pay a certain amount along with the fine for avoiding the punishment. At the same time, there were a number of players were fined for the same crime and the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was one of them.