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Lionel Messi’s goal impressed Valverde - Diego Simeone

Lionel Messi's goal impressed Valverde

In the 14th round of the Spanish La Liga, Barcelona played an important match and it was at their away venue. Their opponent was Atletico Madrid. Once again the Barca captain Lionel Messi became the savior of the team. Against the team of Madrid, by scoring an amazing goal, the Argentine skipper secured their victory. Lionel Messi’s goal impressed Valverde-Simeone! After the match, Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde praised his favorite apprentices a lot. Besides, by witnessing the Argentine’s eye-catchy goal, Atletico boss Diego Simeone has also been impressed.

To the current Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde, in the difficult moment, the Argentine star’s trick keeps the team ahead. At the venue of Atletico Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, earlier yesterday, the La Liga match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid took place. Through the amazing goal of Lionel Messi, the Catalan club left the ground by a 1 - 0 goal victory. From their half, the teammate passed the ball to Messi and he made a partnership with the Uruguayan striker Suarez. In front of the box, Suarez passed the ball to the captain and Messi took the amazing shot that escaped the goalkeeper and found the net.

After the match, Barca manager said that he is impressed and praising Messi. He also revealed that sometimes, he does not realize the style of Messi completely. When Leo starts to run, his target is foolproof. Yes, the rest of the players also run but Messi used to take the important decision that makes the result. The players who are good at the counter-attack considered the best of them all. Messi has some effective tricks and in these circumstances, he does not miss generally. It is not just a talent. Many players can be found with talents but Leo’s one is different that used to be seen always. He has a target and also he has the responsibility of the club and the fans can see that in every match. 

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone also praised the little magician. To him, he can only praise Messi for a brilliant goal. By witnessing such an amazing goal, a true football fan only can clap his hands. When the counter-attack started, the danger was smelled. Messi scored an incredible goal out there. Now, earlier today, the Ballon d’Or 2019 ceremony took place in Paris, France and reportedly the great player Messi has won his 6th Ballon d’Or so far.

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