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Liverpool is ready to place €75 million bid for Marco Asensio

Liverpool is ready to place €75 million bid for Marco Asensio

Liverpool is one of the ‘Big Six’ Premier League clubs and now, they are very much talkative. In the summer transfer, the Reds boss Jurgen Klopp wants to bolster his attacking sector and according to the report, Liverpool is ready to place €75 million bid for Marco Asensio. But the Spanish attacking midfielder or winger would leave the Santiago Bernabeu or not that is still the question.

Liverpool which team has just won their 6th Champions League title by defeating Tottenham Hotspur in the UCL final. However, they were not much discussed for that. In the semi-final, they beat the Catalan club which was almost impossible and since then, they were almost secured the UCL title.

Now, the German coach has set his target to the Spanish asset Marco. But we all know that Asensio is one of the most favourite players of the current boss of Real Madrid Zidane. And it needs to mention that the Frenchman is considering the attacking midfielder is one of the most gifted left-footed players. Zidane who spent three years at the Bernabeu and he still believes that the 23 years old winger has the ability to play the most vital role in the upcoming season.

Marco Asensio who joined at the Santiago Bernabeu on 24th November 2014 from Mallorca. He made six years agreement with the club in exchange for €3.9 million. Later, he spent a loan season with Mallorca and Espanyol each. However, until now, he has played for the most successful Spanish team 85 appearances and scored 10 goals. In the last season, Real Madrid passed a very bad time and in that crucial season, Asencio played 30 appearances and scored the one goal.

And now, when Zidane has taken control of Real Madrid, he would keep his favourite apprentice under his guidance. Asencio would be very successful alongside the new addition of the club Eden Hazard. It can also say that Asencio would get a good chance when the Welsh forward Gareth Bale has no future at the Bernabeu and Perez wants to sell him in the transfer window.

If we consider the future of Marco Asencio at the Anfield, he has a good future ahead. He is just 23 years old and Klopp wants to keep him for a long time in his club as the perfect replacement of Mane or Salah. And also Zidane would not let his favourite player go unless he will receive a better offer. In that case, he can demand an exchange. It would be Mane or Salah for Asencio.

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