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Liverpool will play two matches in a day

Liverpool will play two matches in a day

Liverpool is the current UEFA Champions League winner and so, they have got the chance of playing the Club World Cup this season. So, according to the schedule, Liverpool will play two matches in a day! It is quite surprising but they will have to play two matches on the same day in different continents. Against Aston Villa, Liverpool will play the Carabao Cup in Birmingham and later, they have to visit the Middle East where the Club World Cup semi-final will take place. It is a big pressure for the team no doubt. Though the Reds boss Jurgen Klopp does not like the competition of the Carabao Cup.

And also, we can say that there is no reason to like the Carabao Cup tournament. The winner of the Carabao Cup does not get the handsome amount only but a little. In that case, the Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah used to earn it in a week. So, for the little prize, during the season of Champions League and Premier League, the players of the team should not get the extra pressure, Klopp thought. So, most of the time, the Reds boss used to ground the second eleven in the tournament. if we consider the last round where they faced Arsenal, Klopp did not ground Alisson, Robertson, Salah, Firmino, Mane and some other top-rated stars. But he gave the chance to the young players to prove.

Not only Liverpool but also the big teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal do not use their best eleven in Carabao Cup but used to ground second or third eleven. It is an unwritten rule for the big clubs it seems. And also, they do not give it much importance as well.

Now, the Reds all have to do to take part in the competition is to compromise the Club World Cup competition but the German boss may not do that but he will not ground his trump cards in the tournament for sure. It has been heard that in the next month, Liverpool will have to play two matches in a day! And one of them will be in the Carabao Cup. On the 17th December 2019, they will play against Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup and within the next 24 hours, they will have to ground once again. It will be on a different continent. Within a day, they will have to visit Qatar for the Club World Cup semi-final.

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