Los Blancos will face Real Valladolid in 2nd round

Yes, after winning the very first match in the La Liga, Los Blancos will face Real Valladolid in 2nd round. Of course, football fans understand what we mean. Real Madrid which is also known as Los Blancos or the Whites. They are the most successful team in the Spanish La Liga by winning the highest number of La Liga titles. But since a couple of seasons, they are not in good form in the league competition. The last season was simply the worst nightmare to them as well as their supporters. In the last season, Real Madrid changed a total of three coaches and now, the former boss of Real Madrid Zidane has taken control of the team and under his guidance, Real Madrid made a good start in the new season of La Liga.

Zinedine Zidane who is the Frenchman but also played for the Los Blancos earlier. As the manager, he led Real Madrid to the three consecutive La Liga titles. After his departure, Real Madrid became vulnerable and so, Real’s President Perez has brought him back. Still, Real Madrid is suffering from the perfect attacking division.

The Portuguese star Cristiano Rinaldo made them perfect but he left the club in the last season. After that, Real failed to bring a perfect alternative of him but in the ongoing summer transfer, they have brought the Belgium star Eden Hazard from the Premier League club Chelsea but he is suffering from injury right now.

In the last season, Real Madrid passed a very bad time. They could not win any title in the last season and in the league competition, they finished with standing on the 3rd position. They were 19 points behind than the top tier Barcelona. The consecutive three times Champions League winner ruled out from the last season of the UCL so early and also missed the Copa del Rey title. But, Zidane wants to bring back their former glory to the Bernabeu and so, he is rearranging his team right now.

Besides, Perez is trying to bring Neymar into the squad when Paris Saint Germain is desperate to sell the Brazilian star. Earlier, they tried to sell the Welsh forward Gareth Bale but failed.

Now, after a long time, Real Madrid is holding the top position on the La Liga point table and Zidane wants to secure their position right now. Though there is still a long way to go but a good start can bring their confidence back.