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Man City found an amazing victory by breaking Everton’s solid defence

Man City found an amazing victory by breaking Everton's solid defence

Manchester City which has become as one of the most talkative English clubs in these years because of their consecutive amazing performance. It seems after taking control of the club, Pep Guardiola has changed the history of Man City. Earlier today, they have played the 7th round of the EPL and according to the reports, Man City found an amazing victory by breaking Everton’s solid defence!

If we analyze the match of Manchester City which took place earlier today, they just had one intention which was to make attacks. During the match, the English champion made several attacks to the opponent’s defence. In the beginning, they could not find success because of the solid defence of Everton. But finally, the apprentices of Pep Guardiola found an amazing victory by breaking Everton’s solid defence! The last match of Mn City which was against Everton, Guardiola’s team won by a 3 – 1 goal.

Gabriel Jesus who was frustrated because he did not get the first eleven chance regularly with his team Man City. So, against Everton, Guardiola grounded the Brazilian with the first eleven. And, by getting the chance, he once again proved himself. Later, in the 2nd half, Mahrez and Raheem Sterling scored goals and so, the guest team left the ground with the victory.

At the opponent’s venue, Man City could go ahead in the 12th minute of the game. Mahrez made the cross which was found Gundogan in a dangerous place. But the shot of the midfielder was stopped by the bar. The home team Everton took the defensive strategy against Manchester City and so, the team of Pep Guardiola suffered. The team which took control of the midfield completely missed another chance in the 22nd minute of the game due to the failure of De Bruyne.

However, three minutes later, the Belgium star recovered his fault. He made the amazing cross and the diving head of Gabriel Jesus found the head. After conceding the first goal, the sleep of Everton was broken. The bullet shot of Sigurdsson was stopped by the Man City goalkeeper. But in the 33rd minute, he could not keep his net clean. The cross of Alex Iwobi, Coleman passed the ball and Calvert-Lewin touched it to the head.

In the 72nd minute, the free-kick of Mahrez found the net and once again, Man City went ahead. In the 80th minute, Ederson Moraes saved Man City once again. Five minutes later, Raheem Sterling increased the goal difference. The shot of Aguero was received by the forward and he did the rest. Now, by playing seven rounds in the Premier League, Man City is holding the 2nd position.

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