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Manchester City still has a chance to win the EPL mathematically – Paul Merson

Manchester City still has a chance to win the EPL mathematically

Former Arsenal forward Paul Merson thought that it will be wrong if the Reds will be announced as the winner of the EPL too early. He still believes that Man City still has a chance to win the EPL mathematically.

Liverpool is already 25 points ahead of the 2nd ranked team Manchester City in the Premier League. So, if the league will not be resumed but the EPL authorities will announce the winner of the title, the Reds will surely win the title.

Due to the Coronavirus, the Premier League ongoing season has been postponed already. The future of the Premier League is still in doubt currently in the season. In that case, what will become of the Reds? With the 25 points ahead, Liverpool is holding the top position on the point table. According to many, the ongoing season should be resumed after the wave of the Coronavirus. The season should be finished properly. Wearing the jersey of the Gunners, the attacking midfielder Paul Merson won the first division twice times. He thought that the Reds are ahead and so, people want to finish the season perfectly. Because they have no faith in them. If the current Premier League champion Man City was there instead of them, they surely vote for the team of Pep Guardiola.

Liverpool won the top flight in the English competition 30 years ago for the last time. But this time, when they have still nine matches in hand, they have almost secured the league title. At the moment, Coronavirus has come to the country and stopped all the competitions. Just like a drama. Only for the reason, the former Arsenal star has sympathy for the Reds. But still, he believes that it will be so wrong to give them the league title so early.

Merson presented it so logically. Though Man City is on the 2nd position with 57 points, mathematically they have the chance to win the Premier League title still.

Paul Merson also made things clear. Out of the last eight seasons, Manchester City won the Premier League a total of four times. Among them, they won the last two Premier League titles back to back. So, if they were in the place of Liverpool, people do not have any doubt. Because they are the serial winner. It was so normal for them to win the league title. Yes, he feels sad for Liverpool. They have waited for the title for the 30 years. The team did not win the league title in their last 30 years. Yes, they can be announced as the winner but mathematically, there is still a chance for Man City.

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