Manchester United board raising funds on bringing James Maddison

Some Manchester United transfer moves were really good this summer, the defense was strengthened but others were completely incomprehensible. The lame help was not energized at all and it was further weakened. Ander Herrera finally left, who may have never fired fireworks but he did not disappoint either. A hole in this area of ​​the ground is visible in every meeting of the season and everyone in Manchester can see it. Therefore, it was agreed that bringing a new midfielder in winter would be a priority. so, Manchester United board raising funds on bringing James Maddison.

At least that’s what Manchester Evening News says, which says the Red Devils board is already raising the right funds to have enough for January shopping.

We don’t know yet how big the money will be and who exactly Manchester will want to strengthen. We can only assume that large, albeit relatively young names will come into play, and of course, there will be a lot of money associated with them.

The media, however, predict that the main goal of the “Red Devils” will be James Maddison. The Englishman is playing a great season so far and thanks to him, among other things, Leicester is third in the table.

It may turn out that until January window will still be in a better position than Manchester and then Maddison will have no reason to change the club. So you will have to look for some other friends who probably will not contribute to the composition anyway.