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Marcelo Gallardo would be the new boss of Barcelona

Marcelo Gallardo would be the new boss of Barcelona

Marcelo Gallardo is the former Argentine professional football player and currently the head coach of the Argentine professional football club River Plate. He is a dashing manager and reportedly, Marcelo Gallardo would be the new boss of Barcelona! Gallardo will be seen at the Nou Camp soon enough.

Barcelona is holding the top position on the La Liga point table right now though the 2nd point holder team Real Madrid also achieved the same points considering the goal difference, the Catalan giants are holding that. Besides, in the Champions League, Velvarde’s team is holding the top position on the group though in their 4th round of the group stage, at the Camp Nou, Barcelona has drawn the match against Slavia Praha.

Considering all the facts, Velvarde’s tactics could not impress the fans of Barcelona. The team has lost its regular and familiar playing style. Valverde depended on the top player Lionel Messi only. Messi brought two La Liga titles in his time and in his 3rd season, Velvarde is once again depending on the great Argentine Leo. So, now the Barca fans are feeling bored and they are appealing for changing the manager. Barca board has also observed the situation and so, they are planning to do something new. It seems the fans of Barcelona will get the new manager of the club in the next December.

Though Barcelona cannot provide their best on the ground but it seems that the ball is now on the court of Valverde. Barcelona management might not change him before the ending of the season. Though their top rival Real Madrid has the record of sacking their managers in the middle of the season but from the last 17 years, Barcelona has no records of that. But this time, the record might be broken this time. Under the huge pressure, Barcelona is going to sack Velvarde within a very short time. However, the report says that before ending of the season, the expected manager cannot be recruited by the Catalan club and so, they might not sack Velvarde now. So, the question is who will be the future coach of Messi’s team? The answer is quite simple, Marcelo Gallardo!

Marcelo Gallardo played the FIFA World Cup wearing the Argentina national team’s jersey and he is the current manager of River Plate. He has done some amazing things with the club. So, Barca’s eye has fixed on them. It has been thought that he will come at the end of the season but the former Argentine midfielder Claudio Borghi revealed that it can possible the next January if Barcelona wants. Marcelo Gallardo is one of the best coaches in the World and he can do some amazing things at the Nou Camp.

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