Match-fixers were everywhere near me Like Aamir, Asif, and Salman – Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar is a cricket commentator and former Pakistani cricketer. Who ruled more than 14 years with his bowling speed over the batsman of the game of cricket. He is known as the fastest bowler in cricket history. And now he refueling the match-fixing claim against former Pakistani cricketer who was his teammates. In his state Bookies were everywhere near me Like Aamir, Asif, and Salman. By these words, he is actually criticizing them for their match-fixing afford. In 2011 all of these Pakistani cricketers was ban for spot-fixing incident. 

” 21 people were playing against me 11 from opponent and 10 were ours,” said former speedster Shoaib. ‘Rewind With Samina Peerzada’ is a talk show where  Akhtar said about his experience with match-fixers. Akhtar said, “ I can not cheat my country I believed that always, no match-fixing but match-fixers were everywhere near me Like Aamir, Asif, and Salman. I played against 21 people anyone can be match-fixer Who knows.”

“There were a lot of fixed matches. Asif told me about all of the matches which they had fixed and how they made it possible,” Akhtar added. 

He was furious when he informed about Aamir and Asif’s involvement in match-fixing during a test that was playing against England. The 44-year-old retired fast bowler said “ When I learned about that, I tried my best to recognize Aamir and Asif the bad things on it. I punched the wall how much upset I was thinking that the talents were wasting.” 

We lost our two perfect fast bowlers, who were Pakistan’s top bowlers, smart, and intelligent. for a little money, they sold themselves and the faith of the people of our country.

After the suspension of Aamir, Asif, and Salman, only Aamir managed to comeback successfully in international cricket. Shoaib Akhtar the fastest bowler of the world was a part of the 2017 Champions Trophy-winning team against India in the finals. During the 50-over World Cup in England, he also was a part of the Pakistan cricket team.