Mauricio Pochettino can go to Borussia Dortmund

It seemed that Mauricio Pochettino would only be unemployed for a few days. The management of Bayern was to speak to him immediately. There were a lot of rumors but eventually, it came to the fact that Bayern Munich preferred to give Hans-Dieter Flick a chance, so the Argentinean was not employed. However, as it turns out, he may be sent to the Bundesliga and it is not because Bayern delayed his contracting. Another club is at stake. Mauricio Pochettino can go to Borussia Dortmund.

What? “The Telegraph” reports that Borussia Dortmund became interested in employing Pochettino. Lucien Favre’s position is not the strongest and if the club’s performance deteriorates, his head will fly quickly. It turns out that the Argentinean is the largest favorite to take up a job after him.

Borussia would be a great choice for Pochettino. Why? Everyone is waiting for him in England and they count on him to change the fate of the club he will take over. After what he did with Tottenham, I mean creating a powerful team from the average so far, everyone will be counting on him to repeat it, and preferably in a moment. In Borussia, no one will put so much pressure on him but it will allow you to work on the team in peace to achieve the goal. That’s the atmosphere he needs.