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Messi becomes sad first if Argentina fails – Sergio Aguero

Messi becomes sad first if Argentina fails - Sergio Aguero

LM10 has not won any international trophy with his team Argentine which is a bit lacking in his professional career. But the Ma City striker Aguero thought that Messi becomes sad first if Argentina fails.

Not only in Argentina, but Lionel Messi is considered as one of the best footballers in the history of football. If we look t his club and individual career, no Argentine is nowhere near him. But after so colorful professional career, there is still a big whole of Lionel Messi. The Barcelona captain has not won any international trophy wearing the shirt of Argentina’s national side.

Yes, it is a very big reason. If Messi wins a FIFA World Cup title in his professional career, he will become the greatest footballer of all time no doubt. Just because of his international failure, Messi is being criticized. The criticizers say that Lionel Messi is giving his best effort at the Camp Nou. But wearing the shirt of the Argentina national side, he has failed to give the hundred percent. 

In his whole career, Lionel Messi has tolerated the slander. But will the Barcelona forward deserve that? His national side teammate Sergio Aguero does not think that. It is not right but people are doing injustice on Messi.

Earlier today, the Man City forward has given an interview to the TYC Sports. Through his interview, he has stood beside his friend Lionel Messi. The reputed Premier League striker told that those who have raised the question about his loyalty for the national team, Aguero does not understand them actually. If the national team fails, Lionel Messi gets hurt first.

After facing so many criticisms, Lionel Messi comes to aid the national team again and again. So, Sergio Aguero has praised his teammate. After so many worst memories, Leo returns. Yes, when they face any defeat, every player feels sad. But Messi becomes sad more than anyone. But in football, there will be victory and defeat always. 

Aguero has also praised the new faces which have joined the team Argentina. But first, they have a target to finish the ongoing season. Under the guidance of Lionel Scaloni, the Argentina squad has become balanced and the team is doing good as well. He feels very excited because the upcoming season of Copa America will take place in Argentina.

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