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Messi can take the decision in the blink of an eye – Javier Mascherano

Messi can take the decision in the blink of an eye - Javier Mascherano

To many football fans, analysts and even footballers, Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer of all time. Some used to keep him among the greatest footballers. But obviously, Messi is one of the two best footballers in recent times. So, he used to regard him as the ‘Alien’ footballer also. But to those Lionel Messi is the best, they used to keep him front based on his special ability. This time, Messi’s former national and club teammate Javier Mascherano made an analysis of why the Barca captain is ahead of them all. According to the former Barcelona defender, Messi can take the decision in the blink of an eye. And, within a second, he can able to make the decision come true on the ground.

The current Argentina captain Lionel Messi is the best footballer in recent time. Yes, obviously a big number of football fans can make the debate. But alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, LM10 is one of the two best players without any doubt. When the newborn players like Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and some others have come to the stage, Messi is still presenting his charming skills. He is the current Ballon d’Or winner and won the most prestigious individual title the highest six times so far.

The Barcelona forward knows when to make the strike. And sometimes, it will be against four or five opponent players. He makes the game by making impossible dribbles, by escaping the opponent defenders, by some extraordinary free-kicks and so on. Messi is the best in different ways. The different people used to find Messi as the best for his different eye-catchy abilities. But the football Javier Mascherano who saw Lionel Messi from too close. He shared the same dressing room with LM10 in Barcelona and Argentina’s national team.

To an Argentine newspaper, the former national team defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano made his comment about Lionel Messi. He stated that most of the great footballers have specialties. They know when important decisions should be taken. But most of them cannot use it properly what is in mind. Some of them may use it but most of the cases, they are not perfect. But Messi can do both at the same time quickly. Because of that, he is different.

Right now, Messi is 32 years old but much more experienced. Generally, matches control the players. But in the case of Leo, it is fully opposite. Because of that, Messi is an Alien footballer.

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