Messi has overtaken Ronaldo after three years with 94 FIFA ratings

The new ratings of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been revealed and Messi has overtaken Ronaldo after three years with 94 FIFA ratings. Do not be so surprised. No, this time Messi does not win anything more than the Portuguese star. Not any individual award as well. The Barcelona forward has not added any more trophy to his trophy case. Earlier today, the ranking of the FIFA 20 which is the game based on the EA Sports has been revealed. There, the Argentine left foot magician has overtaken his rival Cristiano Ronaldo. After three years, in the Fut Card of FIFA, Lionel Messi has claimed the throne from the Portuguese forward.

In the ongoing month, the FIFA 20 game will be revealed for the gamers on 24th September 2019. In every year, EA Sports used to give surprise to the gamers throughout the World considering gameplay and new attractive features. But the people are so much interested in the rating card. And this time Lionel Messi has grabbed the top position by replacing Cristiano Ronaldo in the rating. The Fut Card has revealed earlier today and the rating of the Barcelona captain is the highest 94. On the other side, the Juve star CR7’s rating is 93 and he is holding the 2nd position. Actually, he has been demoted. 

In the last year, the FIFA 19 was revealed where LM10 and Cristiano were on the same position for the first time with 94 ratings highest jointly. And the years before, Portuguese national team captain grabbed the top position with the highest 94 ratings which was just 1 point ahead of Messi.

Yes, the first two positions are grabbed by Messi and Ronaldo. So, what about the 3rd and 4th? The Brazilian poster boy Neymar is holding the 3rd position. His rating is 92. The Belgium star Eden Hazard has been promoted to the 4th position. The Real Madrid star’s rating is 91. His rating remains the same but Real Madrid’s new signing is promoted from the 6th to the 4th. Kevin De Bruyne is holding the 5th position as usual. His rating is also 91.

Among the top-rated goalkeepers, the top position holder is the Atletico Madrid stopper Jan Oblak. Out of the top three best goalkeepers in the current time according to the FIFA, just Barca stopper Ter Stegen has managed his placed into the best 10. Due to be the best goalkeeper in the season, Brazilian Alisson is on the 19th position.