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Messi is not going to spend to help Ronaldinho get out of prison

Messi is not going to spend to help Ronaldinho

A reliable source revealed that the Barcelona forward Lionel Messi is not going to spend to help Ronaldinho. Earlier, it has been heard that his former teammate Lionel Messi is going to spend a big amount to release the former Brazilian star from the jail. Ronaldinho is one of the greatest football players of all-time in history. But the former Barca legend’s time is against him. He is passing some worst time at the jail of Paraguay.

Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho once played alongside and shared the same dressing room at the Camp Nou. Later, the Brazilian star left the club and the Argentine bot became the king of the Nou Camp. Still, the relation between Messi and Ronaldinho is too good. But, Messi’s buddy Ronaldinho is passing the worst time in jail right now. He visited Paraguay by making a fake passport and get caught. To release him from jail, a lot of money is needed. The rumor spread that his buddy Messi was about to pay for him and give him the best support to bail him out. But now, the updated news has come. Lionel Messi is not giving any legal support, neither planning to spend the big amount to get him out from the jail.

Barca’s day was changed by the hand of the Brazilian star Ronaldinho, there is no doubt in it. Later, it has become fulfill by Lionel Messi. When the Argentine Lionel Messi touched the ground of Barca, Ronaldinho was the boss of the camp. The Brazilian played a major role in the success of Lionel Messi at the Camp Nou back then. Yes, obviously Lionel Messi accepted all the things. He is still grateful for that kind of support. The same Ronaldinho is now in jail. By making the fake passport, he did the very wrong thing. So, the World Cup-winning legend gets caught by the Paraguay police. According to the previous rumor, Messi is going to pay 4 million Euros to get Ronaldinho out from jail. Is that true?

But the Spanish newspaper Sport released the update about the fact. A close source of the Argentine forward told the newspaper that Messi has no plan to do such a thing. Yes, obviously Messi feels very sad for the current situation of Ronaldinho. But still, he has no plan to spend anything to help the former Barca legend. Also, he is not going to appoint his own lawyers.

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