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Messi is the hero of the victory against Brazil

Messi is the hero of the victory against Brazil

Lionel Messi has passed three months banishment from International football and he has colored his returning at the international venue. Earlier today, Messi played his inaugural match after the banishment and according to the report, Argentina national team captain Messi is the hero of the victory against Brazil!

At the King Saud University Stadium, Saudi Arabia, earlier today, team Brazil faced the team of Lionel Scaloni and the match ended with a 1 – 0 goal. Against the top rival of Argentina, Messi’s goal secured their most precious victory.

Within the first 15 minutes, both teams got a penalty each. Gabriel Jesus could not find his mark by taking the penalty and so as Messi. But, the Barca captain got the 2nd chance and did not make any mistake this time. The Brazilian goalkeeper stopped the shot of Messi but could not control the ball but LM10 got the returned loose ball and touched it to the net. 

In the 9th minute of the game, Jesus was fouled into the Argentina box and so, the referee gave Brazil the penalty. The Man City striker escaped the goalkeeper but could not keep his shot on the target. The ball went outside of the post. Just four minutes later, Messi led Argentina ahead. from the right side, Messi went into the box but was fouled by Sandro. So, Argentina got a penalty as well. His weak shot was stopped by the Brazilian stopper Alisson but Messi touched the loose ball to the net. 

Just before the break, Messi got the chance of increasing the goal difference through the counter-attack. But his shot had not enough pace but Alisson stopped it quite easily. In the 6th minute of the 2nd half, Jesus went to the box but took a little time for making the shot and so, could not find the net so far. In the 66th minute of the game, Messi took an amazing free-kick that almost went to the net but in the end, Alisson stopped it in exchange for the corner. Ten minutes later, the Liverpool goalkeeper saved Brazil once again.

Brazil possessed the ball most of the time but Argentina dominated the attacking division. At the end of the game, Argentina started to give the heavy pressure to the opponent’s defence and also created a number of chances. In the 80th minute, Martinez got the ball into the box but he could not find the net. He missed the golden chance. Though Argentine could not increase the goal difference but they are quite happy for the victory. It was quite expected for them.

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