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Messi-Suarez has started their group practice

Messi-Suarez has started their group practice

After getting the green signal from the Spanish government, Messi-Suarez has started their group practice! Messi, Sergio, Roberto, Pique, Suarez, and others have already been seen on the practice session together so far.

Spain is one of the most infected countries where the new deadly Coronavirus has attacked. But now, they are recovering from the disaster. Yes, still, the different states of the country are passing the lockdown phase but the teams of La Liga returned to their practice session a few days ago. Their plan is simple. The league officials want to resume the 2019/20 session.

Like most of the states in Spain, the lockdown situation in Madrid and Barcelona have not been loosened yet. But the teams like Barcelona and Real Marid have got permission to start the 2nd phase of the practice session. The La Liga authorities have given the green signal to the clubs earlier on Sunday. Just a day later, the La Liga champion has started the group practice from the very morning. Through a statement, Barcelona has confirmed the news of starting the group practice session. 

The Spanish La Liga officials have informed the club about the group practice. Though their area is still under the lockdown situation the players are allowed to make the small groups and can continue the practice. Earlier, they were allowed to make the individual practice.

To reduce the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, in the middle of the last March, the Spanish government started to lockdown their different states gradually. Now, they are loosening the situation. A total of ten players can take part in the practice session where the lockdown is still too hard. But in the area where the lockdown situation has been loosened, a total of 14 players can take part in the practice at the same time. 

The few teams have been given permission for making some group meetings that will consist of the players and coaching staff. But they must maintain the proper social distance. Besides, the referees are also given permission to do their job. In the next step, the whole team will be given permission to do the practice at the same time.

Spanish La Liga has passed the 27th round already. After that, the current champion Barcelona is holding the top position on the point table. They have managed a total of 18 victories highest and gathered 58 points highest. On the other hand, their arch-rival Real Madrid is two points behind.

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Premier League clubs are returning to the group practice

Premier League clubs are returning to the group practice