Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the best? The question continues still. Both of them are sharing the same stage for fifteen years, CR7 stated that earlier. Now, for his one statement, both of them have come to the headlines. Cristiano and Leo attended in the recently staged the Best FIFA Men’s Player function and they were out of the three selected footballers for the award. Though by defeating them, Van Dijk won the award for the first time as a defender. In that function, Cristiano revealed that he wants to go to the dinner with LM10. And earlier today, it has been spread that Messi wants to accept the invitation from Ronaldo!

Just a few days ago, the Portuguese star Cristiano has wished to go to dinner with Argentine left foot magician Lionel Messi. And now, LM10 revealed that he would love to go if Ronaldo invites him. For more than a decade, these two football genius have presented amazing activities on the ground.

For them, football is more appealing throughout the World no doubt. But just think, when these two legends will take their retirement from professional football, what will happen then? Football will lose their colors obviously. Ronaldo is the top rival of Lionel Messi since long. In the meantime, Cr7 played for Real Madrid and Lionel Messi played for Barcelona when their contest reached to another level. However, both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo won five Ballon d’Or awards each.

When the question raise out that who is the best? To their fans, they are the best player in the World. Though Lionel Messi and Cristiano are not friends still, they have a good relationship. At the end of August, in Monaco, France the draw of the Champions League took place where Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were present. They talked to each other for a long time there. Later, the presenter came to them and took a small interview. The Portuguese forward stated that the same stage is being shared by both of them for the last fifteen year. And the thing did not happen before. yes, obvious they have a good relationship but has not gone out for dinner yet. But, the Juve star hopes that they will go out for dinner sometimes.

Now, earlier today, Messi also gave an interview to a news portal where he stated that he has no problem with CR7 at all. Yes, they are not friends because they have not shared the dressing room yet but yes, he will definitely accept the invitation of the Portuguese star.