Messi will leave before the end of the contract?

Leo Messi’s career in the colors of FC Barcelona may come faster than expected – according to the portal “El Pais”. According to the Spaniards, the contract of the Argentinean star allows him to leave as early as June next year and join the new club on a free transfer basis. what?! no one thinks so that Messi will leave before the end of the contract?

FC Barcelona without Leo Messi? A chapter that is really difficult to digest. The first meetings of the Barcelona in the new LaLiga season perfectly illustrated the current situation of the Spanish champion.

Barcelona is notoriously losing points, stumbles even on the bench and the best impression on the pitch 16-year-old Ansu Fati. A young attacker from Guinea-Bissau has already been hailed as Messi’s successor but previous years have shown that there were many such people in the Barcelona capital. Leo Messi is one and it will be terribly difficult to replace him.

According to the portal “El Pais” that the separation of the Argentinean from Camp Nou may occur faster than it seemed. The current 32-year contract expires in June 2021. However, the clause in the contract allows you to leave which may occur after the end of the current games.

We assume that you can leave whenever you want – after the end of each season- this was the record in the contracts of Xavi, Andres Iniesta, and Carles Puyol. When extending it in 2017, both sides decided that he would also appear in Leo Messi’s contract and he would be able to leave whenever he wanted.

Willing to be a representative of Argentina will certainly not be missing – contracting a 32-year-old for a long time is considering Inter Miami. The team, which is owned by David Beckham, plans to create a team of big names and one of them would also be Messi.